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Until the End

Until the End Polaris Horloge

€ 199,99

€ 199,99

€ 199,99

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Polaris, the north star. Like the brightest star in our night sky so is the colour of our labradorite stone dial.
Like in nature no stone is the same. And so it is with our watches, no stone dial is the same.

The Polaris is made with FSC-Certified Rosewood and black stainless steel.
The labradorite stone dial gives every watch a unique look and feel. A trust worthy Swiss movement protected by a sapphire glass. all this gives this watch a cool vibe.
The watch comes with a beautiful and sturdy wooden box. A sophisticated watch for the gentleman rebel. All our watches are made in collaboration with Hot & Tot watches.
This is one of the Netherlands leading watch brands in natural materials like stone and wood. Designed in s'-Hertogenbosch by Hype Heroes.

Produced by Hot & Tot watches.

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