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Kings of Indigo

Kings of Indigo John xavier light used

€ 149,99

€ 149,99

€ 149,99

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This product is made of 79% organic cotton, 20% post-consumer recycled cotton & 1% recycled elastane. The fabric is OCS & RCS certified.

  • The use of both organic and recycled cotton decreases the extensive amount of water needed for growing conventional virgin cotton
  • This product is made by our supplier Ereks in Turkey. The stitching location is SMETA audited in 2020.
  • This product is made in Turkey and delivered by truck, which cause approximately 5 times less CO2 emissions than transportation by plane.This product is made with 20% recycled cotton & 1% recycled elastane. Post consumer recycled means we made new jeans from previously owned and discarded garments.

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